New Venture


For quite some time, my sister and I have been talking about starting a blog that features local entrepreneurs – telling their story and sharing their favorite things (restaurants, beauty products, cocktails, you name it!). It stemmed from our love of reading interviews in magazines where people share their must-have items. Well recently we decided to make the idea (that we’d first discussed as roommates back when I was in college) become a reality. And it’s launching today!

Buzz in the City is a place where you can discover local Atlanta business owners, bloggers, Etsy shop owners, etc. Not only will you hear their story, but you’ll also hear what they love to do, where they eat and maybe even what secret products keep them looking so good!

Today my sister and I are kicking things off with a few favorites that we both share a love for.

If you’re interested in being featured on Buzz in the City, just click here! It’s super easy to do and a great way to promote your business!

Weekend Scenes

photo (7)

My first weekend back as a working woman. We kicked it off on Friday by seeing Outkast on the first night of their 3-day Atlanta show weekend. Friday was also my first day back to work and Frances’ first day at daycare (yes, I cried when I dropped her off). Saturday we took the plunge and got ourselves a family car. We said goodbye to Chris’ two-seat truck and welcomed a Subaru. Now we’ve got a car big enough for these two…

photo (9)

Back to Work Outfit





Top – Sanctuary (similar, similar)  //  Pants – Old Navy  //  Flats – Piperlime (similar)  //  Bracelet – Shorthouse Style  //  Lips – Spicy Berry by Parallel Face & Body

Well I was supposed to start work today but I’ve got one heck of a nasty cold that has rendered me useless for the last week of my maternity leave. It sucks to end this wonderful time feeling so terrible, but at least I’m getting an extra day at home with my girl. And no, this isn’t a hoax. I’m not that clever. Anyway here’s my planned outfit for my first day back, which I’m hoping will be tomorrow because I am more than ready to get rid of this cold and feel like my normal self again. I’m branching out with the pattern mixing and hoping this mix works.

Maternity Leave

photo (6)

The summer I had hoped for has delivered. Twelve weeks of pure happiness. Twelve weeks getting to know you, my little girl. Twelve weeks learning and loving everything about you. Your coos. Your snuggles. Your many facial expressions. Even your cries.

We’ve spent a lot of uninterrupted time together. Some days doing almost nothing, others taking new adventures together. Who knew Target would become an adventure. I’m so lucky to have had all this wonderful time with you, baby girl.

Our Backyard






Red Steel Outdoor Seats – Wayfair  //  Lime Green Side Table – World Market (similar)  //  Tissue Paper Garland – DIY Tutorial  //  Patio Dining Chairs – Lowe’s  //  Patio Dining Table – Wayfair

Our backyard was one of the final pieces of our new house that we wanted to decorate…if you can call it that. I’ve always loved the retro metal outdoor furniture, especially after our visit to San Antonio when we stumbled upon an awesome outdoor bar (The Friendly Spot) that was full of metal lawn chairs in all sorts of upbeat colors. We wanted our yard to have an inviting and cheerful feel to it as well, so red metal chairs were the perfect addition.

Now that it’s started cooling off in the evenings, we’ve been unwinding with a warm fire. Frances loves to watch the flames!

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