Floral Kimono





Kimono – Dress Up  //  Tank top – Target  //  Shorts – Gap  //  Wedges – Old Navy (similar)  //  Necklace – Madewell  //  Lips – Dayum Red by Parallel Face and Body

Saturday night Chris and I went out for our first date night since baby girl was born. We dropped her off with grandmom and then set out for our favorite dinner – mexican food. We were in severe need of chips, salsa and queso…and a margarita. A margarita never tasted so good.

Earlier in the day I stopped by Dress Up in search of a new little something for our dinner date. They always have cute (and affordable) options and I couldn’t resist the kimono trend. It was a tough choice between this one and this one.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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It’s that time of year – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! They’ve got a ton of great (and new) items for fall that you can go ahead and stock up on now, at a discount. I’ve compiled my list of simple but classic items that will get plenty of wear year-round.

Moose the Swimmer


We spend a lot of summer weekends at the lake, but this one was pretty monumental. Frances got to visit for her first time and, at the age of five, Moose finally started swimming! Moose has had some anxiety with having a new baby sister around so we were very proud parents that he took the plunge given the timing. It’s funny that it’s taken him this long (he’s been going to the lake for the last four summers) because there are always other dogs around who love to play fetch in the water. In the past he participated by running around with the other dogs, but he never would get in the water. There was lots of cheering for Mr. Moose this weekend. And now he’s addicted to swimming.

Floral Friday






Jeans – Gap (on sale!)  //  Top – Target (similar)  //  Gold Bracelet – Shorthouse Style  //  White and gold bracelet – Madewell  //  Lips – Hot Coral by Parallel Face & Body

Happy Friday! While it’s always a great feeling to make it to the weekend, this Friday is a little different now that I’m on maternity leave and Chris’ paternity leave is coming to an end. He goes back to the real world on Monday, which means we only have a few more family days together. The good news is we got 18 great days at home with our new baby girl. And I still have 10 more weeks to spend with her! So enough of my Friday blues…

This weekend we’re headed to the lake to hang out with my family. It’s supposed to rain all weekend but our family loves to play games, and this time I can have an adult beverage while playing games – win, win.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Frances Weeks 1 & 2





Our little baby girl is two weeks old today – where have the days gone?! I wanted to share updates on her from our first two weeks together.

  • Hair color: We aren’t totally sure here. Depending on the light her hair is either blonde, red, strawberry blonde or light brown. I’m thinking/hoping she’ll have beautiful strawberry blonde hair.
  • Eyes: They’re currently a blue/gray color like most newborns. We shall see what color they end up becoming – likely brown like her dad, or hazel like me.
  • My favorite thing about her: I can’t only name one thing because I love everything about her, but right now she has two things that totally melt my heart – when she smiles (and shows her dimple on her right cheek!) and when she makes this adorable squeak noise. Her smile now is random – not an actual response to anything, but it’s still so adorable. Makes me so excited for actual smiles.
  • Growth: She was born weighing 5lbs 15oz. By the time we left the hospital she was down to 5lbs 7oz. It’s normal for babies to lose weight, but since she was already on the small side the nurses were a little concerned and told me to feed her every 2 hours, instead of every 3. We’ve been to the doctor a few times already, and at her most recent visit (on Monday 7/14) she’s up to 6lbs 1.5oz! The doctor said we’re doing a great job.
  • Feeding: She is doing well! For the most part she’s eating every 2 hours since she needed to gain some weight back, but lately she’s even been asking for food every hour. Sometimes this gets hard because I feel like I do nothing but nurse. The good news is that she’s growing at a healthy rate.
  • Sleeping: We’re getting some while Frances is getting a ton. We had a couple rough nights where she was wide awake from midnight to 4am, but I think we’ve corrected that. Now the hard part is that she sometimes wants to eat every hour and a feeding can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes…so I’m getting up a lot. The good news is we can sleep in. The past couple of mornings, I just get back in bed and sleep/feed until 11am. This way I’m able to function during the day.
  • Toughest part so far: On Tuesday of this week I started to get mastitis. Let’s just say it’s terribly painful and makes you feel like you’ve got the flu. My temperature shot up above 100 and my whole body ached. Luckily I remembered reading this post from Abbey, so I quickly dug it up and followed each hot tip she gave. Together Frances and I battled the mastitis and within a little over 3 hours I was back to feeling better. Moral of this story: if you ever start to feel mastitis coming on – follow Abbey’s tips because they work.
  • How I’m doing: I’m doing really well. I have definitely had a few hormonal moments that have brought me to tears. When we left the hospital (and then the whole drive home) I started crying happy tears and couldn’t stop. One day I went to the grocery store while Chris stayed home with Frances. On my drive home I was missing her so much and started reminiscing about her birth and next thing I know I’m just bawling crying…Next week Chris goes back to work, so it’ll just be me, Frances and Moose. To be completely honest I’m nervous about this. I think I can handle taking care of her myself, but I’m worried I’m going to go stir crazy without Chris around to talk to and help.
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