Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup

I have gotten so much broccoli from the last two weeks of the Moore Farms and Friends CSA boxes. I’m not complaining about all the broccoli because it’s one of my favorite vegetables. It’s just a little tricky in our house because Chris pretty much despises everything about broccoli. The other night I got an opportunity to make a broccoli dish all for myself  because Chris was hanging out with his best friend.

I chose to make Daily Garnish’s Broccoli Cheddar Soup.

It was simple to make and only required a few ingredients. The fun part about it was I got to use nutritional yeast and Daiya cheese for the first time!

The soup turned out really well. My cheese didn’t melt all the way when I added it during the last step, but it didn’t hurt the overall flavor by any means.

I highly doubt Chris will try this broccoli cheddar soup (although he did try a version I made not too long ago) because it has more of a broccoli flavor and it also has vegan cheese…I don’t think either are his cups of tea. That only means more for me! And I’m not complaining about that either. :)

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