Bye, Bye Trees

Before we get to the awesome (that’s a semi-sarcastic awesome) tree removal that took place in Chris’ backyard last night, let’s first talk about food.

After running five miles this morning I came home, got ready for work and then made myself a bowl of cereal. You probably know about my love for mixing several cereals. Today did not disappoint on the mixing front, I used 4 different cereals: Kashi Autumn Wheat, GoLean, Golden Goodness and Annie’s Honey Bunny O’s.


For lunch I packed myself leftovers from last night’s dinner. After reading about a quick and easy curry on Lee’s blog we decided to give it a shot. Turns out it was good! Although it wasn’t exactly quick and easy for us because my dumb butt forgot to get curry paste. Chris saved the day and went to the store for our missing ingredient. This extra run to the store also meant we didn’t sit down to eat until almost 9pm.


I also packed myself a whole wheat blueberry muffin that I made using a recipe from Emily at Daily Garnish. This muffin was supposed to be my only dessert.

Until I walked downstairs to the office kitchen and discovered a chocolate chip cookie the size of my hand. There was no way I was passing this baby up!

I haven’t eaten the entire cookie…yet. But I am definitely on a sugar high so let’s move onto talking about tearing down trees!

Before we get started though I want to let you know that no live trees were harmed in this process. Only dead trees and our poor, poor grass…


Luckily the bobcat that hauled trees from the backyard to the front yard managed to squeeze by an azalea bush, leaving it unharmed and beautiful!


Chris had five dead trees in his backyard. One that was leaning dangerously towards the house, a couple others scattered throughout the backyard forest and two big ones laying on the ground.



In progress. There were at least 15 workers that cleared out the trees. They got the whole job done in less than two hours! Talk about efficient.


The giant mulching machine that turned our dead trees into, well mulch.


After. I don’t know if you can really tell a difference but the tree in the dead center was surrounded by two non-living trees that are now gonzo.



And there used to be two giant trees laying back here on the ground. They are now also living their second lives as mulch.


I know that tearing down trees isn’t all that exciting but it was pretty cool to watch the entire process. These workers knew what they were doing – minus the whole, tearing up our entire front yard with huge bobcat tread marks.

If cutting down trees is boring to you, maybe baseball is more appealing. Chris and I went to the Braves game on Tuesday night. And the Braves won, woohoo!


It was a perfectly cool night out for some baseball.


Alright that’s enough out of me…if you are even still reading at this point. If so, you can tell that chocolate chip cookie did a number on me. Time to use this sugar rush to get some work done! Happy Thursday, friends!

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2 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Trees

  1. Lee

    Glad you liked the curry.

    A friend of mine had a huge tree fall on her house in that storm we had the other week. Scary!

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