Poor Baby Moose

You may already know from my recent tweets, but last night right after I published this post (oddly enough titled Monday Night Gone Wild), our poor baby Moose was bitten by a copperhead snake.


Chris was taking Moose outside to use the restroom around 10pm when something moved a few feet away in the darkness of a nearby tree. Moose saw the movement and like any curious dog, he went towards it. Not two seconds later, Moose was mid-air jumping backwards.

Chris quickly realized the unknown movement was a snake. He brought Moose in the house thinking Moose had escaped the wrath of the snake. Chris and I grabbed a flashlight and garden hoe and headed back outside towards the snake. Once we both got a good look at the snake we were immediately able to identify it as a copperhead, a common venomous snake in our area of Georgia. Chris hacked away at the little monster so that he wouldn’t harm us or Moose.

We then went back inside to comfort Moose after his big scare. It was while I was kissing his cute face that I noticed two small dots on his nose. Fang marks!

Once we realized Moose had indeed been bitten by the copperhead we did a little freaking out (okay, I did the panicky screaming and crying while Chris remained calm and collected).

We looked online for what to do but we weren’t getting answers fast enough so I called my mom knowing she would offer the right advice. She said she was pretty sure we needed to get Moose to an emergency vet ASAP, but that I should call my brother to double check. Another teary phone call later and I was somehow able to explain to my brother what had happened. His first response, leave right now and get him to the vet.

Chris found an emergency vet nearby and called to let them know we were on our way. We loaded up in the car and Chris drove us as fast yet as safely as possible to the vet.

I was freaking out during the entire drive – petting my sweet pup, praying for his health, telling Chris I was so scared and telling him to step on that gas pedal.

Once we got to the vet they almost immediately took him away to a back room. All of the fear was still running through me like crazy but at that moment we just had to sit and try to wait patiently. Not an easy task.

A little while later we were taken to a room where a veterinarian came in to explain Moose’s pending situation. Right away she started listing only bad scenarios. On the inside I was scared but deep down I also had a feeling that our Mooser would be okay. Then the vet briefly mentioned that most dogs, especially Moose’s size (he’s about 85 pounds) wind up surviving. But like I said, she only mentioned this and she seemed way more focused on the detrimental possibilities.

She told us there were numerous tests that needed to be run overnight and into the morning on Moose, to make sure he wasn’t suffering any of the negative side effects of the venom.

We then got a few moments to see Moose before leaving him overnight with the vet. We tried to comfort him but he was nervously panting. Stay strong Moose, we love you!

It was weird going home to an empty house and even more weird waking up this morning without my little buddy glued to my side as I got ready for work.

We called the vet to get an update and we got word that Moose was doing “very well” – the best news I could have hoped for! Around 11am Chris was finally contacted that Moose could go home.

I couldn’t wait to get home from work today to give this guy a big ole hug and lots of kisses.


Chris and I are extremely thankful that our baby Moose is just fine (despite the insane vet bill!). We love our little family so much and are beyond grateful to all be sitting on the couch together again.


I think Moose is also thankful to be back in his home after a long and scary night at the vet.

And thank you to everyone who reached out in concern for Moose, it means a lot to us. Smile

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11 thoughts on “Poor Baby Moose

  1. Malory

    I just teared up reading that! :/ I can almost imagine what you guys went through- and I would be a TOTAL wreck if that happened to Jasper. We will keep our eyes out for snakes now, but luckily Jasper’s pretty much afraid of anything that moves (or even doesn’t move).

    So glad he’s ok- give him a hug and pet for me!

    1. Stacy Eats Post author

      Aww I gave him a hug for you and he said thank you!
      Definitely keep an eye out for snakes, but hopefully you won’t have any around.

  2. Jay@HelpfulAdvisor

    Sorry to hear about Moose’s (and your) ordeal! Sounds like he bounced back like a champ, but I’m sure it was a painful recovery.

    I think Moose is gonna be more careful checking out things that go bump in the bushes from here on. :-)

    Hang in there, Moose! You rock, dude!

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  4. Atlantaphotog

    I know this posting is a year old, but congrats on the pooch making it ok. Adult Copperheads ARE able to give “warning bites” where they inject very little venom sometimes, and that sounds like luckily, this is what he got – otherwise his nose would have been huge and he would have needed to stay at the vet for several days. The larger/older the snake is, the more likely it can control it’s venom better – and they like to save their venom for prey (mice, rats, etc) not dog. :-) But watch out if you find any baby Copperheads – they don’t know any better and can actually do more damage. If this is a continued problem on your property, maybe you should consider hiring a pro service to come out and try to find the nest or colony of them (these services do exist).

    Oh, and regarding the Vet bill – consider yourselves lucky… a man in North Georgia was recently bit by a Copperhead and needed 3 days in ICU for it as a precaution. When he got his bill (he had no insurance)…. $250,000.00 (!). Yes, really.

    1. Stacy Eats Post author

      Moose was bit by a baby Copperhead and that was one reason we were so worried since we’d heard they are often less able to control their venom. Luckily Moose was fine though and his nose really didn’t swell that much, so the snake must not have gotten him too badly. That’s really helpful to hear about the warning bites that adults can give. I feel like I need to learn all I can about Copperheads since we’ve seen so many in our yard! :)

      Wow, I’ve heard about some outrageous bills when people get bit by Copperheads, but $250K, that’s insane! Hopefully that man is okay. So scary.

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