22 Things About Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! Chris and I celebrated early with a dinner at Sprig on Sunday night. Today I’m going to do a fun quiz about yours truly for some fun on this V-day!

You might have seen this quiz going around the blog world. I was tagged by Traci at Yellow Wishbone to post my fun facts about myself and also answer questions she came up with.

Since I think most people have done this quiz by now (I’m a little late getting this posted!), I’m going to break the rules a bit and just post 11 random things about me and also answer Traci’s 11 questions.

So here goes!

  • One of my all-time favorite movies is Moulin Rouge. I have the soundtrack and know the words to every song. I especially enjoy singing these loudly, preferably by myself since I have a terrible singing voice. Maybe I should try and convince Chris to watch this tonight for Valentine’s Day. Ha!


  • My first pet was a hamster. We named her Zelda and she lived in a cage on the desk in my bedroom growing up.
  • I studied abroad in New Zealand and Australia while I was in college. I absolutely loved my time in both of those countries and I got to try lots of adventurous activities. I went skydiving, bungee jumping off of the 3rd highest bungee jump in the world, white water rafting down a 21 foot waterfall, caving, camping in the Outback, a weekend sailing adventure and scuba diving near the Great Barrier Reef.

  • If I could have any job in the world, I’d want to have founded and run a company like Toms. I love giving to people in need in third world countries. Some day I hope to make that type of work a big part of my life.
  • I’m really picky about how the dishwasher is loaded. I have certain spots for coffee mugs, bowls and silverware must always be pointing up. Poor Chris…having to deal with my antics.
  • Along the lines of my strange habits, I’m known to make piles. Lots of piles. Piles of papers, mail, clothes. All around the house. Why do I do this? It’s annoying!
  • I hate opening mail (unless it’s from a friend) hence the piles of mail you’ll find on my kitchen table.
  • I love to cook, but I wish I had more time (and money!) to devote to being creative in the kitchen.


  • I like to be crafty. Err, to try to be crafty. I’m DIYing a lot of our wedding decorations in attempt to add more craft time to my life and to cut costs. So far it’s been super fun. I cannot wait to see how all of my crafts turn out on the big day!
  • My favorite food is pizza. You probably knew that already, but I’m dreaming of a big slice of pizza right now so I figured I’d share that pizza is pretty much always on my mind.
  • My parents run a quail hunting plantation in South Georgia (Pine Hill Plantation, you should check it out!). When I tell most people this they are shocked and reply by asking, “But you’re vegetarian, right? How does that work?” I became vegetarian almost two years ago because my stomach was hurting all the time. I’m in no way against other people eating meat, it just doesn’t happen to feel good for my body. I also am not against hunting, as long as you eat your game, which always happens at Pine Hill. I love visiting Pine Hill and watching the hunters and dogs in action. It’s a surprisingly neat sport to watch!

Now onto the questions Traci asked:

1. What is your go-to dish for a dinner party? Guacamole!! And chips, of course.

2. What is the best part of having a dog? When Moose gets all sweet and cuddly. He weighs 98 pounds but I still love snuggling up with him on the couch.

3. worst part? Leaving him at home all day and getting that sad-dog look as you walk out of the house.

4. What is your favorite way to make someone feel special? Give them a compliment! A simple compliment can go a long way in brightening someone’s day. They feel great to give and to receive.

5. What is your best piece of relationship advice? How fitting on Valentine’s Day. :) I’d say to laugh, talk and listen. Find time to communicate, but especially make sure you are listening to one another. And never forget to laugh.

6. How do you motivate yourself to be active if you just aren’t feeling it? I think about how I will feel after the workout. I’ll be proud of myself, I’ll feel more fit and I’ll have worked off some stress. Even though pushing yourself to do a workout isn’t always the easiest task, the feeling afterward makes it totally worth it.

7. What is the first book you would ever recommend to a friend? To be honest, I don’t read a ton of books. I did read The Help recently and absolutely loved it. Oh and right now I’m reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, which so far is a great, easy read. It’s especially good if you have a dog.

8. Which season do you prefer and why? Spring! For sure. The warmth arrives, flowers begin to bloom. Everything is so beautiful and it makes me so happy. It doesn’t hurt that my birthday is in the spring too. Smile

9. What goals have you set for the next 5 years? Treasure my marriage (only a few more months until we’re married!!), run a marathon, figure out and go after my dream career, maybe even start expanding our family. Who knows!

10. What is one material item you could not live without? At this moment, I’d have to say my laptop. I use it to house all of my photos, it’s currently got a lot of wedding spreadsheets I use often and it’s where I do all of my blogging.

11. What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you recently? Waking up from a nap on a plane to find drool running off my chin and on to my shirt!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Tell me something about yourself or answer any of the above questions. I’d love to hear more about you now that I blabbed away about myself.

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7 thoughts on “22 Things About Me

  1. Brittany

    I love that our trip to NZ and Aus. is up there! Makes me miss you so much and looking forward to going on another adventure in a few weeks!

  2. Traci @yellowWISHBONE

    You study abroad adventures sound so fun! A few of those things are on my bucket list! :)

    Also, your parents place sounds cool. I bet that would be just a fun place to escape to.

    I love pizza too. Do you have a favorite place to go to?

    Hope you and Chris had a great valentines day!

    1. Stacy Eats Post author

      Nevis?!?!?! Ahhhh that was SO scary. But SO worth it although I don’t think I’ll ever go bungee jumping again.
      Are you dying to go back to NZ like I am?

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