High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, dudes!! Are you happy the weekend is almost upon us?

High five!

It’s been a great week around here, so let’s recap the top five worth a high five.

1. Chris and I booked our honeymoon!!!!!! We have our flight and all of our hotels booked except for one night. Whew what a relief. And woohoo, so freaking exciting. Watch out Paris and London. Smile


2. I picked out my wedding shoes (the ivory wedges with bow on the toe) and I’m all scheduled for my first wedding dress alterations appointment this Saturday. Eek!

3. I get to see my parents this weekend. Last time I saw them was Christmas so I’m really looking forward to our family dinner on Saturday night.

4. I got to eat a whole lotta chili this week. Every single bite was delicious.


5. Now for a random and fun fact. I learned on the radio the other morning that the Bank of America building here in Atlanta is the tallest building in Atlanta, in the Southeast and in any state capital! I did not know the state capital part, so I thought that was pretty cool. I also wanted to share this pic I took of the building from a helicopter ride Chris and I went on last year!


Have a terrific day and weekend!

What do you want to high five about today?

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11 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    Happy Friday! I’m excited that I finally got a run in last night and it felt great. Time to get serious for a few more weeks until the real goal race. :)

    Congrats on booking your honeymoon & choosing your shoes – how exciting!!

    1. Stacy Eats Post author

      Congrats on the run! It’s gotta be hard to get back into it after a 50k race.
      Happy Friday, have a great weekend! :)

  2. Lee

    Your honeymoon is going to be so much fun! Have you guys been to Paris or London before?

    I was doing some SEO stuff at work today and thought of you. That’s what you do, right?

    1. Stacy Eats Post author

      Chris has been to Paris but I’ve never been to either.
      I do Facebook advertising now, but there is an SEO team at my company. Sounds cool that you are getting to do all sorts of stuff!

  3. Traci @yellowWISHBONE

    love the high five picture. seriously just laughed out loud! but really, love the shoes even more!

    and here is my two cents for paris… “accidentally” lose yalls passport while you are there and just move there! :) (thats actually part of my life plan!)

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