Running HILLS

Last week I wrote about being proud of myself for getting out of bed and going for a five mile run. This morning…not so much.


I woke up around 4am hearing rain and in my sleepy haze I immediately set my alarm for later knowing my run wasn’t going to happen in the rain. It’s crazy how my mind works when it’s half asleep! Smile

I am still proud of myself in terms of running this week because yesterday afternoon I managed to push out five miles even though I was feeling awfully queasy the entire time.

Tuesday morning I even forced myself to run hills. Yes, HILLS! Who am I?


It was only a 1.6 mile run but I began with a warm-up run to one of the hills of death in my neighborhood. Then I proceeded to run as hard as I could up the 0.09 mile hill six different times, with an easy jog back down to the bottom each time. Followed by a cool down run back home.

I’ve never actually done a hill run like that but I know they are very good for training. Usually I’ve skipped them because I have so many hills in my regular running routes that I figure I don’t need to torture myself any further.

We’ll see if hill runs happen again. It’s a good quick option for days when I may not be feeling a longer run but when I still want to get a good training run in.

Do you ever run hills?

Are your running routes usually hilly or mostly flat? I definitely prefer flatter runs on the weekend when I do my longer runs.

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2 thoughts on “Running HILLS

  1. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    Flatter is easier, but make sure your long runs are usually on a route about the same elevation as your race. And I typically err on the side of hillier, than flatter. You don’t want to get to your big race having only run long on flat routes and have to climb a lot of hills – that’s no fun at all!

  2. Carol @ Lucky Zucca

    I run hills every time I run, but really, is there any other option in Atlanta?! I do sometimes pick a route based on what hills I’ll encounter though, trying to incorporate pretty intense ones (like Hillpine… ugghhhh) on a regular basis. I’ve never run up & down the same hill a bunch of times in a row, but I’ve thought about it! It does sound like torture though LOL

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