Orian & George’s Couples Shower

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping host a couple shower for the wonderful Orian and George.


We had a great group of people there to celebrate the cute couple. The love birds are going to Jamaica for their honeymoon so we threw a beach themed shower in preparation for their trip.



We had tons of food and beverages as well.



I found these beach-themed cupcakes on Pinterest and they were too cute to resist making!



Chris was the grill-master of the evening, cooking burgers and dogs for everyone.

After dinner it was time to play games! Kate and Jill (the other hostesses) had two great games of questions for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

First Orian and George had to sit back to back while Kate asked them questions. After each questions they each had to write their answers on a white board and then at the same time they revealed their answers to see if they were right!


It was really hilarious to watch!

Once we let them answer lots of questions about each other, it was time to get the guests involved. Everyone was given a pair of purple or blue sunglasses. Jill asked questions like, who’s the best driver, and then we’d all answer by putting on our respective sunglasses. Purple or pink for Orian and blue for George. It was quite the hoot!



I got to meet a lot of new people. Everyone was so nice and excited for George and Orian. They’ve got a great group of friends and family, that’s for sure!

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Such a fun night of partying.


Congrats Orian and George!


Me and my handsome date in front of Orian and George’s fun sign.


Thanks to Orian and George for a fun night of celebration! And thanks to Kate and Jill for helping host!

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