Signed Up for a 10K

I signed up for my first race of the year – the Silver Comet 10K!


Lee and I are planning to run this race together. She’s done it several times before and has great things to say about it, including that it’s a flat course. Always a plus considering most races around Atlanta are chockfull of hills.

I’m looking forward to getting back to races and also working towards my resolution to run shorter distance races (previously I was mostly focusing on half marathons).

Also on the calendar – a longer run this weekend with my friend Malory. We plan to run five miles together, but we’re both not quite sure how we’ll fare. I’m mapping our course and you know I’m going to consider each and every hill. In the sense that I’m going to try to avoid them as much as possible. Do you do that too?

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5 thoughts on “Signed Up for a 10K

  1. Melissa @mypeachlife

    I do that every time I run in Atlanta. Ugh the hills are killer here. There are even a couple of places I refuse to run (hill going up north highland, cardiac hill, and Berne street over in grant park)

  2. Lee

    I totally avoid hills, or I walk them. I’m glad you signed up. I need to up my training a little bit. The most I’ve run recently is 4 miles. I guess we still have a month.

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