Memorial Day Weekend







Hey y’all! How’s your first week of summer been going? Work has been pretty nuts for me, but luckily this past weekend I had a great time kicking off summer at the lake with family. And this coming weekend Chris and I are headed to the beach for our babymoon!

Our family is growing like crazy – there are three kiddos and another on the way. Summers at the lake are going to get wild soon enough!

This past weekend we celebrated my nephew’s first birthday (and he totally mastered eating chocolate cake). We also got to spend lots of time with my brother’s three month old daughter. Chris and I definitely got lots of baby practice this weekend.

My grandparents, uncles, aunt and cousin also visited, and something that’s only partially sinking in with me is – next time we see them all, we may have a little baby of our own. There’s not much longer (I’m 32 weeks)!

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