Frances: 3 Months




Maternity leave is over and our little newborn seems like she’s grown to be a real baby. She holds her head up fairly well and she’s even started sitting up in the Bumbo. She’s “talking” up a storm and loves it when we coo back at her. Yes, we’ve turned into those people who coo back and forth with their baby. Her smiles are still melting my heart and I get even more now with loads of gums. Adorable.

Of course she didn’t smile much for these pictures (she was on the verge of needing a nap), but she did kick and punch like she loves to do. She’s also been loving to chew on her hands. She hasn’t quite found her thumb but at this rate it’s seeming like she’ll like her thumb over the pacifier.

As for daycare, we got really lucky and ended up finding the perfect solution right as I was going back to work. Seriously, the timing couldn’t have been better. There’s a lady in our neighborhood who watches a few kids in her home. Frances seems to love her fun energy already, plus she gets to be a few other kids of various ages, which I think is good for her.


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