Frances: 5 Months






Well hello there. I’m back with an update on our five month old girl. We’ve been having so much fun with this little baby that we skipped her four month old pictures (terrible parents already…), but for five months we made it happen.

In the last couple of months she’s started doing some new things – the best are her making raspberries and her giggles. She especially loves to do raspberries with her dad. They go back and forth with each other, blowing bubbles and probably spitting all over each other’s faces. Her laughs are less frequent, but when they happen, they are beyond adorable.

She hasn’t really rolled over yet on her own. Two times she’s rolled from back to front but she had a little help because she rolled off her mat and the rug, onto the floor – so there was a little incline to help out. She is grabbing everything in sight though and putting it in her mouth. I’m wondering if a tooth will be popping through soon.

She’s still sleeping through the night, but right at four months when I read she may start to experience the ‘four month sleep regression’ she did. Basically now she’s going into deep REM sleeps, so when she wakes from one she has a harder time getting herself back to sleep. During this time she also loves to maneuver herself up to the top of her crib and then start crying because her head is hitting the crib. Chris has been awesome at going into her room when she’s crying in the middle of the night. He usually just has to move her back down and put her pacifier in her mouth and back to sleep she goes.

We couldn’t love her any more and we couldn’t be any more thankful for such a sweet girl.

Now I’m going to go cry that she’ll be six months old in a few weeks…

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