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Weekend: Chris’ Birthday + Mother’s Day

We had a big weekend of celebrating. Saturday was Chris’ birthday so he and I spent the day having fun around the city. We kicked the day off with a breakfast of champions at Waffle House, then we hopped on Marta (Atlanta’s railway system) and headed downtown. Our first stop was a touristy one – the new Atlanta ferris wheel, followed by a couple slices of pizza for lunch, a walk through Inman Park and Little Five Points, and a stop at Criminal Records to get both Warpaint albums on vinyl. It was a fun day playing tourist in our own city.

waffle house



ferris wheel

Sunday was spent with our moms. We had brunch with Chris’ mom at Flying Biscuit and then had dinner with my family. We even managed to grab a picture of the four generations of women. Crazy to think that pretty soon I’ll have a little girl who can join the picture.


Birthday Date Night






Blazer – Nordstrom Rack (similar)  //  Tank – MM Couture by Miss Me  //  Maternity Jeans  //  Booties – Clarks (similar)  //  Necklace – Target  //  Lips – Dayum Red! by Parallel Face and Body

Last night Chris took me out for my birthday dinner. We tried Kimball House over in Decatur and it was fantastic. My mocktail, the bone marrow appetizer, my hoppin’ john and mushroom entrée, and our mille feuille dessert, all were fabulous. Mmm, I could go back right now.

Today marks the start of my 25th week. I am very lucky to report that I’ve been feeling really good. It might not last much longer, but for now, while I am getting big, it hasn’t impacted me too much. My energy levels are good and my body isn’t aching. I am, however, starting to experience pregnancy brain. I’ve totally blanked on random words, and I lost the access card to my office (which is very unlike me because I always keep it in the same spot!). We’ll see what the next several weeks have in store, but for now I’m enjoying feeling pretty normal.



Maxi dress – Target  //  Cardigan – Old Navy  //  Necklace – Forever 21

Hey hey, happy April Fools’ day! It also happens to be my 28th birthday today. Today has been an awesome day, even despite having to work. I work with a great group of girls who decorated my desk and brought me Cheez-its and Carvel ice cream cake – probably my two favorite foods. I also couldn’t have asked for better weather. It’s been an amazingly warm, sunny day. I started the day with a morning run with Malory, then I left work a little after 4pm to work from my backyard for the rest of the day, then Chris took me out to dinner on a patio – just enough time outside.

This 28th year is definitely going to be a big one. The most exciting being our little girl who’s on the way (due at the end of July). She’s been growing like a weed and the bump is officially out in full force.

Thanks to all my friends and family for making me feel loved today! And to my brother-in-law who totally pulled an April Fools joke on me and I completely fell for it…you’d think I’d learn by now!

Birthdays and Playhouse Treasures

Happy Monday! How was your first official weekend of summer?

I celebrated birthdays (happy birthday shout outs to my Grandma, Linda and Jamie!!!) at work on Friday and again on Saturday night. I was in burger, pizza, ice cream cake and brownie sundae heaven, and it was graaand.

It’s nice when the birthday girl is willing to share her treat.


It’s also nice when I stumble upon trash that can become an awesome toy. While walking Moose around the neighborhood, he and I came across the find of a lifetime. That’s right, check this out.


A neighbor was throwing out this playhouse and as soon as I spotted it I knew I had to take it. I have an almost four-year-old niece who I was pretty sure would kill for this life-size pink playhouse. I know I would have loved something like this as a kid!

The best part, this playhouse only need a good hosing off. It was covered in mud on the bottom but Uncle Chris took care of that in no time.


Then she was all ready to be delivered to her new owner.


Chris and I were pretty stoked too. We acted like kids again and even managed to squeeze our big butts inside the playhouse.


Just goes to show how one person’s trash really can be someone else’s treasure.

Have you ever found a gem on the side of the road?

Did you have a playhouse when you were little?

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