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  1. Diana

    re: broccoli cheese soup

    i love your blog! i can’t find any really GREAT vegan broccoli cheese soup recipes but yours looks pretty good… should i just skip the cheese and go with a broccoli soup? i think it will satisfy my craving… you seem knowledgeable… thought i would ask before jumping into the kitchen

    1. Stacy Eats Post author

      Thanks, Diana! That vegan broccoli cheese recipe was pretty good. It’s the only vegan version I’ve ever made and I’m still in search of a great one too. :) If I were you I wouldn’t skip the “cheese” but that’s only because I love cheese. :)

  2. Amy


    How are you feeling? Mom said ya’ll had a great time at Pizza this weekend. I would love to see some picture of the baby’s room if you want to share some. I miss being able to hang out with you, Chris and Moose. I hope he can adjust to not being the “baby.” i know he will still get lots of love.

    Love ya,
    Amy A.

  3. Kaye

    Stacy, Can you give me a good link to your company? I want to take a look at the products in addition to the lip balm but I just can’t bring it up on IPAD!

    Saw Frances on your blog and she is an absolute doll!!! You know how much I love MAA and CA and the circle has widened to certainly include you and This precious baby!!!

    Thought I would include some of these items in Christmas presents!!!

    Thanks for posting the pics!!!


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